July 29th


Confidential Money ~How to earn 30 Million in 300 Days~
Otomate otome game; Release: Summer, 2012

Something else new to look forward to this year. (And sorry, I know I withheld/procrastinated ages on this! Even though I promised Danielle and Ryu it’ll be out yesterday;;) Character designs will be familiar to those who have played Death Connection! So, what is this game about?

—-The setting is New York. And the story starts when an Invitation Letter from a mysterious figure called ‘John’, made its way into the hands of the heroine and six other males. The letters all bear the mysterious message: ‘You have gained the right to win big money.’ After that, following John’s instructions, they joined together to form CM7 (Confidential Money 7). With six individualistic members, the heroine, Natalie, work together to seize the business’ off-the-books $30 million, and gradually, bridge the gap between their hearts.

Heroine (Natalie Taylor): 17yo high school student, living in New York. Grew up with her free-loving mother, Liz, but wants to lives away from her, hence Natalie works part-time. She is apt in household chores.

Kirishima Shun (CV: Toriumi Kousuke): A young Japanese man who acts as the negotiator of the team. He came to New York on language exchange. He’s in good form and amiable. He has a combination of exceptional memory and judgement. He lost his parents when he was young, and lives with his grandmother. Skill: A super genius with an IQ of 190.

Daniel Johnson (CV: Miki Shinichirou): A police officer with a mastery in using rifles, machine guns and pistols. Due to his exceptional reflexes and good build, he is popular with gays. For the sake of the surgery of one of his colleagues who suffered an injury on his behalf, Daniel takes part in the team. Skill: Guns.

Alain Morris (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru): An accountant; serious and a man of few words. He use to be part of the Air Force, and therefore, can pilot every kind of vehicles. He needs money to prove the innocence of his falsely-accused father who is serving prison. He likes animals and collects bear goods. Skill: Piloting any vehicle.

Michael Watson (CV: Nojima Kenji): A 17yo programming prodigy. Out of pure interests, he hacks into the police website to search around. He’s polite, but can’t read moods, and therefore, gets into trouble often. He thinks of the CM7 as a game and participates for fun. Skill: A Hacker.

Raymond Davis (CV: Kawada Shinji): An Italian-American swindler. He’s like a gentleman, with a soft demeanor, but has a sharp tongue. With excellent insight and acting skills, gentle smile and words, he is skilled at manipulating the hearts of people. His motive for participating is said to be repaying debts, but the real motive remains unclear. Skill: A swindler.

Rook (CV: Tokumoto Yukitoshi): An ex-hired thief. He is participating in order to earn money so he can cut all ties with the back business. He has exceptional sniping skills and hearing; can analyze situations and distances from an enemy by just the noise they make. He is a sadistic and arrogant character, but also makes sexual passes at the heroine. Skill: A sniper.

"Daniel Johnson:… he is popular with gays." R-REALLY? lol

That tidbid aside, I’ve heard nothing but good reviews of this game… I’ll have to look into it in the future~

July 29th

Thumbelina will be joining the My Fairy Tales bachelors in My Fairy Tales+ in late August!



Thumbelina will be joining the My Fairy Tales bachelors in My Fairy Tales+ in late August!


July 28th


hi I really love your post and stuff okay I've heard that there's a Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa fanbook (i think it is) I wanted to buy one but I can't find it it is possible to get it and if it's on the rejet how do I buy it (I live in another country) it would really help please

Rejet’s online shop is SKiT Dolce and it is available for preorder through it right now. Sadly, SKiT Dolce does not ship internationally so the only way to get a copy is through a shopping service that can purchase and then forward it to you on your behalf. It’s an item that is not sold outside of SKiT Dolce except in physical Rejet Shop locations so you can’t purchase it through other online shops that ship internationally from what I understand.

July 28th


I rush here to tell you it looks like the release date of Shinsengumi Kekkonrokon Wasurenagusa Artbook is postponed (again???) *fall off chair*

Hey there Anon~ And yup, I already know.

Kind of sad to hear that but it also means they’re probably putting in a lot of effort and care to make sure it’s a perfect item! I’d rather have it on better paper, or non-forced artwork, or anything else that may dampen the joy of receiving it sooner rather than later. I mean, I’m eager for my copy to arrive but I also understand there’s a lot of work and details to go into it (Suou-sensei is probably working hard on special artwork for it right now too) so I trust Rejet will handle the job well. I don’t remember them ever having issues with putting out bad quality items before so I trust they have a high standard for items to pass through before being shipped out. I hope they’re planning more goodies to put in it since it’ll release later! THAT’D BE AWESOME!! MORE AUs! MORE MORE MORE!!

July 28th


What is Rejet×smart?? an art book?

Rejet×smart is more of a FASHION artbook of sorts. They take characters and draw them in fashionable clothing (usually modern that fits their personalities) and release it in a book. I don’t own anything like that so I’m working on just the SKiT Dolce shop description at this time.

The series included with the Rejet collaboration includes:

  • Ken ga Kimi
  • KENN (front and back cover)
  • Hirakawa Daisuke
  • Ono Yuuki
  • Eguchi Takuya
  • Masuda Toshiki
  • Takahashi Naozumi
  • Suzuki Yuuto
  • Toyonaga Toshiyuki
  • Okawa Genki

They say in the description that it’ll be a whole slew of their game characters (sorry Wasurenagusa fans, looks like we’ll miss out on this opportunity FML), as well as the above listed seiyuus doing graveure fashion shots, and a BEAMS collaboration with the above seiyuus as well.

It’ll be A4 and 84 pages with 4 A3 size posters included, it’s scheduled to release August 11th and cost about $20… Because it’s not involving any of my seiyuu or series biases I’m not purchasing a copy myself. Sounds great but I’d rather spend my money on something else I’m more excited over. I hope this helps answer your question!

July 28th


hi! i've recently heard of the shinsengumi mokuhiroku wasurenagusa drama CDs, but I was wondering if you could maybe explain to me exactly what they are, and where i can find them online? it would also help if you could tell me all that you know about them because they seem pretty interesting, and when i googled the name, there wasn't much to go by. :) i'm sorry if this doesn't make much sense; thanks! x


Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa is the first “season” in the Wasurenagusa series (if you want to call it that). There’s a follow up to the Mokuhiroku set by the name of Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa with the same seiyuus/characters but with two EXTRA characters added to the mix! Wasurenagusa involves famous historical Shinsengumi characters that have been reimagined for the otome genre. It’s not the first series to do that as there’s also the popular Hakuouki (though I’m sure they weren’t the first either, though they certainly did gain a lot of popularity) series which involves the same characters.

The Mokuhiroku set of CDs focuses on one character per release (each release has 2 CDs so you end up with nearly 2 HOURS of drama!) and introduces the heroine/listener to their respective shinsengumi soldier! It plays out with how they meet, most times your parents were killed by ronin, and you end up working for the shinsengumi as a kind of live-in maid. Then there are moments where you slowly start to grow closer to your guy and then there’s the heavy fluff tracks and finally something of a closing where you and your guy fall in love.

The Kekkonroku set of CDs focuses on the same characters (aside from Shinpachi and Sanosuke because they were new to the series at this point) and the same heroine/listener relationship. They tell a little more about the historical developments from the last CD until the time this series starts and, depending on the character you chose, either develops the relationship further or… you know… SHIT HAPPENS;;; It’s definitely a “closer” CD to each respective character, without a lot of chance for continuation. Unless they do a AU like Hakuouki SSL or something I dunno, I’d certainly go for any AU with these guys to be honest.

I’ll warn you now that each character has their quirks and the series in general involves a HELL OF A LOT OF FEELS. Especially when it comes to Kekkonroku!! Prepare tissues regardless of the character. It’s intense, but SO DAMN GOOD. I’m a diehard fan of the series, specifically in regards to Yamazaki (cv. Morikawa Toshiyuki) and Shinpachi (cv. Maeno Tomoaki) but I also enjoyed the quirky antics of the other characters in the tokuten CDs where they interact together or the specialty tokuten CD where each character has their own short track. IT’S ALL GOOD IMHO.

Now, there are a lot of different ways to get the CDs. Because I live in Japan, I’m domestic and it’s very easy for me to shop around for used copies or to seek out a specific shop release for the attached tokuten/freebie-gift… There are shops like AmiAmi, CDJapan, Amazon (either your country’s or Japan’s), or the optional middle-man shopping service if you’re looking for specific items from a particular shop that does not ship/sell internationally. As you can probably tell, I recommend purchasing rather than pirating. And with this series, WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, if there’s a particular character/seiyuu in the mix you’re interested in I suggest going for it. You get nearly 2 hours of audio and it’s absolutely AMAZING~ Granted, this is just my opinion. Regardless what you choose to do, please support the series and enjoy!!

July 28th


with your knowledge of seiyuus, how would cast the characters from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder? I have my own thoughts, and I want to hear yours! Please and thank you!


But seriously, maybe something along these lines…?

  • Eisuke - Tachibana Shinnosuke do-s character, need I say more
  • Soryu - Yasumoto Hiroki HURRRRRRR UNFFFFFF
  • Ota - Shimono Hiro eeeehhh I think he’d make it fun???
  • Baba - Morikawa Toshiyuki LOL I DUNNO WHY NOT
  • Mamoru - Kuroda Takaya LAZY DETECITVE HECK YEAH

I can’t be too accurate because I’ve only played Soryu and Mamoru’s routes so I’m going on how the others were in the route or what fits based on the character design;;; N-NOT THAT I’LL JUST WRITE MY BIASES FOR MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS OR ANYTHING //tsundere cough//

July 28th


I have a questionn!! Did they just delay the wasurenagusa artbook release to Aug 28th OR AM I FLIPPIN HEREASDASDSAADFDFSSAFDG???

Yes, SKiT Dolce has delayed the release of the Shinsengumi Kekkonroku Wasurenagusa fanbook until the end of August (it was originally around the start of August)… I got an email from them earlier because I preordered a copy. Guess I gotta wait another month for that and the two blind Wasurenagusa posters in the same order to arrive. I BETTER GET THE FESTIVAL POSTER //gross impatient sobbing//

July 28th

Reblog if you are part of the Voltage fandom


I always see posts like this so I decided to make one for our group! Because I love to follow others in our amazing fandom.

July 28th

KENN’s amusing reactions to the ingredients (*´艸`*)

THAT THIRD ONE THOUGH OMFG //saves for later use//