November 30th

THIS RELEASE, I SWEAR IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING. Not exactly sure who the seiyuu is (ie: non-pseudonym name) but since it’s an older character I’m pretty sure it’s going to be AWESOME. IT’LL BE DEEP, SMOOTH, AND SEXY. AND I WANT IT RIGHT NOW. Also the “characters” don’t seem too extreme, but of course we have only a vague understanding of what the character type is… no scenario snippets have been posted yet, or voice samples, so it’s all just a naive speculation from my end but still… GENTLEMAN AND OJISAN ajspfoaisejfpsoejf YES PLZ!!

Based on the volume 2 dates, I think we should expect to see the samples to come out around January 10th next year and scenarios to start making their appearances around December 10th this year….. or so I hope. It’s just a wild guess based on the volume 2 blog updates only. SOONER WOULD BE BETTER THOUGH LOL;;;

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    I’m pretty sure it’d have to be a deep voiced seiyuu……. I can’t imagine an ojisan sounding that much higher;;; At least,...
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    I’m with you on having good feelings for this one! Just the artwork alone looks promising. I hope you’re right and we...
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